Are you ready for the Shadow Slayer Series? Snarky urban fantasy is finally here. Meet Lydia and her garden gnome sidekick, Drat!

When your only hope is a snarky fae without magic, you know you’re in big trouble.

Lydia is a fae, minus the magic. And she only resents it every day. The only supernatural work she can get is doing odd jobs for the head of the local mage order. Luckily, he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty and that leaves her with steady work. Her only friend is a magical garden gnome named Drat.

When a series of grisly supernatural murders rock the town, Lydia is paired with Zack, a hot human police detective. The two of them have to get a handle on the situation fast, before panic ensues. It doesn’t matter how hot or distracting he is, she has a rule. She doesn’t date humans. No exceptions.

But the closer she and Zack get to the truth, the more enemies they make. That includes an evil mage who moved into town to take over. Even worse, it uncovers her own hidden past. She’s either going to save the town, die trying, or get everybody killed.

Lydia’s either a dud-fae or a mythical monster. And her past may come back to haunt everybody.

Shadow Hunted (Available May 2019)

Shadow Marked (Pre-order available June 2019)

Shadow Cursed (Coming soon)


If you’re looking for shiny new Neon Octopus books, look no further than the Neon Octopus Ally Series! Soda, Ari, Fleek, Kirian, and the gang are back and ready for action.  In these new adventures, supervillains, including Soda the Neon Octopus Overlord herself, join a winner-take-all fight for control of the galaxy.

Neon Octopus Ally Series:

Overlord Brawl

Overlord Alliance


Welcome to the Neon Octopus Overlord Series! Enter a galaxy full of snarky comebacks and inappropriate use of tentacles. Standing up to the man, er, Neon Octopus Overlord in this case, has never been more fun. Yes, this world really does have a Neon Octopus Overlord in charge of the galaxy. Her name is Soda and you’re going to love her even though she’s evil, or perhaps because of it.

Get the Neon Octopus Overlord Series by clicking here:

Destroyer Of Planets

Whisperer To Stars

Ruler Of Galaxies


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