I’m very happy to announce Shadow Hunted, book 1 of a new urban fantasy trilogy that releases May 6.

You can get it now on pre-order for a special price of $2.99.

In a hurry and can’t wait? I’ve got you covered. You can click here to join the Shadow Hunted Review Team and you’ll get your copy next week. Here’s a blurb:

When your only hope is a snarky fae without magic, you know you’re in big trouble.

Lydia is a fae, minus the magic. And she only resents it every day. The only supernatural work she can get is doing odd jobs for the head of the local mage order. Luckily, he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty and that leaves her with steady work. Her only friend is a magical garden gnome named Drat.

When a series of grisly supernatural murders rock the town, Lydia is paired with Zack, a hot human police detective. The two of them have to get a handle on the situation fast, before panic ensues. It doesn’t matter how hot or distracting he is, she has a rule. She doesn’t date humans. No exceptions.

But the closer she and Zack get to the truth, the more enemies they make. That includes an evil mage who moved into town to take over. Even worse, it uncovers her own hidden past. She’s either going to save the town, die trying, or get everybody killed.

Lydia’s either a dud-fae or a mythical monster. And her past may come back to haunt everybody.

Want more? Here ya go!

Excerpt from Shadow Hunted:

That’s when Lydia realized she was wearing only a tank top and boxer shorts. “Okay, um. I’m going to go throw on a sweater.” She headed back into her room.

When she came back out with her sweater on, Drat appeared between them, causing her to start again. She nearly tripped over him.

Detective Stroud drew his weapon. Then he got a look on his face of extreme doubt. That was probably because he was threatening a living, breathing,three-foot garden gnome with a red cap, black shirt and a long, gray, dirty beard. “What the-”

Drat glanced at the cop, ignored the weapon and then looked Lydia up and down.”Maybe you’re not in practice, Lydia, but you’re doing it wrong. When you get a booty call, you’re supposed to go into the bedroom and take your clothes off, not put more of them on .”

“Detective Stroud meet Drat. Yes, he’s a gnome.” She gave Drat a severe look. “What are you even doing here? This human is already freaked out.”

The detective looked from Lydia to Drat and then back again. Then he blinked a few times. “You have a gnome named Drat?”

“Oh, no. No, no, no,” Lydia answered. “He’s not mine. In fact, I disavow him and everything he’s ever done whether I know about it or not. There are exactly two things that he’s good at. One is popping in on me at exactly the worst time, and the other is making inappropriate comments.”

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